Security guard is the first person with whom any visitor meets while entering your premises. He is the representative of your premises. He is the only person who safeguards the premises, property, asset of person round the clock. So, It is very important to choose the agency wisely who provides trained security guard with having proper etiquettes, behaviour and strong representation.
Security Supervisor is the senior lever and well experienced person who knows how to keep situation under control with providing proper tips and guidelines to security guards.
At such places where securing premises or any person from threats is very tough without weapons. At such premises, gunman are the best option to keep the premises secured and protected. They must be having proper experience of using weapons with proper license provided by Government.
Bouncers & Bodyguards are the well trained and fit personnels who are expert in protecting VIPs and celebrities and keeping them out of the reach of crowd. They must be having proper groom and etiquettes as they directly have to deal with people and celebrities. These people are the professional personnel who keepsthemselves active and aware at every bit of moment to protect the assignment given to them.
We are specialize in supplying highly trained dog teams for any site or location. Our dog squad comprises highly pedigreed and trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Labradors along with skilled and experienced handlers. Fully trained by Experts, each with their own fully equipped specialist guard dog transportation vehicles are available for those assignments that require the additional security and deterrent of a fully trained guard dog and handler. These squads are effectively used in industrial applications for perimeter and facility patrol, building / area search operations and intruder detection / apprehension.
Indian Security is a leading edge innovator and supplier of security, safety and facility management solutions to protect and streamline everything from corporate offices to large multi-national organizations. Our OneFacility platform provides a toolkit of core capabilities that can be combined to create solutions to problems spanning security, safety, data and facility management environments. OneFacility is applicable to solutions ranging from small out-the-box applications to large, fully integrated enterprise systems Organizations with unique operational requirements can streamline the automation of complex processes using the OneFacility open standards architecture, with all the information stored and manipulated centrally, ensuring a single version of the data.
Indian Security has great services which makes the clients comfortable with their cases. We are the most successful detective which is able to solve complicated cases within less period of time. Indian Security and Detective Services is situated in Ahmedabad and also in other parts of Gujarat. Indian Security, Ahmedabad is recognized as a best and experienced team which has capacity to solve any unsolved and critical cases in less period of time.
Indian Security also provides Vallet Parking Services. This service includes an attendant which operates at restaurants, hotels and provides parking services to the people who arrives their. We have perfectly trained team which are best for Valet Service.
Cleaning and vacuuming, facility preservation, preservation of furniture and fittings, deodorize, pest eradication, packing and moving, janitorial support, waste removal, supervision supplies, making floral planning, and green clean-up.
We had an area of expertise in: deep cleaning, washroom cleaning - deodorizing, disinfecting and sanitizing washrooms and cloakrooms, billboard cleaning and maintenance, vacuuming walls, ceilings, corners and crevices, degreasing factory floors, specific cleaning and housekeeping assignments for kitchens, pantries, hotels, hospitals, ICUs, malls and theatres, aircraft and airports, railway platforms and bogies, ships and yachts.